Mathematics Foundations in Early Years

There are many ways children learn mathematics, in early years one of the most important areas is recognition of numbers, sorting and counting. This can be done through sorting colours, in number groups and using different themes.

Developing children experiences and allowing them to use their senses whilst learning can be beneficial whether it be at school or supplemented by parents enforcing the teaching.

Simple ways you could do as part of a conversation would be to ask how many white cars do you see? Can you add 2 fingers on your left and 4 fingers on your right, what does it equal? Another way being an international child there is a high chance one parent travels they can count the sleeps till mum or dad return or even count the hours in the aeroplane to your home country. Alternatively placing numbers charts in the child’s room or clocks with are numbers as they eat dinner they can count the numbers 1-10.

Learning mathematics for early childhood should be part of our everyday life.The children shouldn’t even notice they are learning at the same time whilst developing their interpersonal skills. It allows parents to bond with children by developing their numeracy skills.

Dr Paul Swan has specialised in developing high quality resources on early childhood education products to further develop 3-15years old. On his website there are many free teacher/parents resources to be used for children to learn mathematics.

Suggested websites and products – (Global Based) All Mathematics products especially the sorting and counting kits, GEOSTIX, Attributes set and Geometry 2D3D net. (Contact the office and they will let you know a local distributor in your Region) – (Australia Based) The Mutispin board games, child friendly cards and many of his resources written on Geometry, Base 10, Dice Dazzlers.

Lets start with these as the top 2 sites for products and resources for teaching then move along to the next stage.

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