As a parent, teacher, education professional I have developed this website to play with some ideas around the foundations of early years learning. Please let me know your thoughts about this stage of learning!

Currently I develop markets for education solutions for early childhood and early years mathematics.  I originally started writing this blog for research from my current employer. However as a mum, a trained teacher and a business person, I enjoy sharing my research, experience and findings.

Let’s all try to find a way to impart the knowledge to children for them to grow and develop. Let’s conduct research across all curriculums, all needs and wants by educational professionals.

I find, especially as a trained teacher, that there are niche areas where the home learning complements the schools’ themes and current curriculum to develop the children’s minds. Working in market development now, it is amazing to learn from teachers and education professionals as to what they need by way of resources to complement their teaching styles. These are the people who are developing our future human resources of the world: doctors, nurses, teachers, lawyers, entrepreneurs, digital/technology gurus and beyond. My role now is to develop the products and kits to help these professionals further develop children’s learning.

This site is for parents, carers, guardians and education professionals to use as information gathering to impart knowledge to help guide early years children. It is aimed for developing early years key foundation skills further whilst having access to fun activities, products and information. I love looking at new ideas, innovations in early years learning.

Again, please contact me if you would like more information on certain areas or suggestions on areas to look more into; alternatively comment as I would love to hear from you – especially parents, teachers and experts in this field.

Enjoy Reading Early Years…


7 Comments Add yours

  1. Melinda says:

    Wow – this is great! Lots of wonderful information here! Thank you!


  2. Marni says:

    How do I search past posts?


    1. Marni, Is there a particular topic you are looking at? At this stage the functionality is minimal on this site.However in the process of upgrading. Thank you


  3. Thank you for spreading early childhood development understanding. There is always need for more good, right?


    1. Absolutely, let me know your ideas for early childhood development, always looking for more innovative ways to teach and connect with children.


  4. Great website, would love to discuss use of ten-frames at EYFS level.


    1. Mary Jackson says:

      Thank you I will contact you on the email you provided to learn more on the use of tens frame at EYFS level


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