Play, Play, Play let our children play!

Amazing with all the research in the world a majority of the school systems still have an emphasis on academic learning and not experimental learning which is learning by play, experiences and just fun.

Dirt is good, less screen time, more play time

Dirt is good, less screen time, more play time is quite a powerful message, with a new  marketing campaign from OMO Arabia. OMO are making a bold statement below with United Nations article 31. “Most parents are breaking this child’s right every day. #rightoplay ”  As parents we need to reintroduce play especially to offset the…

Early Years Mathematics at home

There are many ways to teach mathematical concepts in early years from showing shapes, counting numbers especially at home. Everyday we all use different numbers, patterns everyday from telephone numbers, house/apartment numbers, time and many more. Once the child can recognise a number it is important to relate it back to their experience. For e.g….

Teach a Child to Understand the World in Early Years

What an important life skill it is to understand the world in the early years. In the British curriculum this is a key area for EYFS defined as follows: Understanding the world involves guiding children to make sense of their physical world and their community through opportunities to explore, observe and find out about people, places,…

Education through Early Years

There are many views on early education from the play based to structured curriculum learning throughout the world. However there is universal learning which starts at the foundation years. This requires children to build on their senses, knowledge and experiences. Many children when learning internationally (international schools) are referred to as ‘Third Culture Kids’ this is…