Education through Early Years

There are many views on early education from the play based to structured curriculum learning throughout the world. However there is universal learning which starts at the foundation years. This requires children to build on their senses, knowledge and experiences.

Many children when learning internationally (international schools) are referred to as ‘Third Culture Kids’ this is when the children have parents of 2 nationalities and live in a different country. Many people feel this creates a child with no firm roots.  However a culturally diverse child whom can understand and respect customs of many countries. As their class is a cultural melting pot with anywhere from 4-20 different nationalities all socialising learning different languages, customs, cultures and of course parenting.

Here we are going to look at different ‘universal’ products and tactics, how to use them benefiting all early years learning globally. When we refer to universal meaning it can be used across all curriculums globally. It doesn’t have to be a American, British, South African, Australia, Canadian, Indian, Russian or any other curriculum it is universal to develop foundation skills for all children globally. All comments and suggestions to explore are welcome please get in touch.

Enjoy reading!

Early Years Team….


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